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10 Best Baby Diapers Trending in 2020 for All Good Reasons

On the infinite subject of diapering, one question repeatedly pops up and distresses new mothers – “Are they harmful to my baby’s bums?”

It may sound silly, however, whether diapers harm the cute little bums of the baby is a common worry among mothers. We shall clarify it along with other unfounded fears and the gospel truth behind best selling diaper brands of 2020 

This information will help you in selecting the best baby diapers if you are planning to buy one for your little one! 

Most diaper brands claim to offer overnight protection, super absorbent, and ensure the safety of the skin. That said, how can you ascertain that these claims are valid? 

Let’s delve into the truth of diaper talk! So, you can be well-informed about the best baby diaper through extensive research done by our team. Would you not like to buy the best for those tiny bums?

Why we have hand-picked a few brands

Our recommendations are based on strict quality parameters, so as a busy mother, you don’t have to bother or put a second thought to why we have cherry-picked a particular diaper brand. 

For example, we certainly would recommend the Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers for having an inner liner to check the flow and avoid blowouts. 

In the same breath, we would ask you to use the Huggies Overnite diapers: the material ensures that along with the baby, you also get a good night’s sleep. Let’s move on to the pertinent question – how to choose the best diapers from our listings.

Trials and tests

We would not dare to recommend anything but the best because any finicky mother gets paranoid when it comes to choosing the best for her baby.

We have done the satisfaction tests by asking a select group of moms about the brands they use most commonly and the reason.

For example, Andy Pandy diapers are biodegradable and thus scored on the sustainability factor towards the environment. That means, disposing of is not a big issue at all. 

However, when it comes to absorption rate, Pampers Pure Disposable Diapers were excellent for over 12 hours of use. They are free from chlorine levels, hence suitable for the infant’s skin. 

From the hygiene point of view, they have a perfect score of TEN from us. As the infant grows and you would like to take him/her for a swim, check out the wonderful Huggies Little Swim Diapers. 

They also have three different baby diaper sizes. This ensures that the diaper does not leak or open in the pool. Can you believe that there is an excellent reusable swim diaper brand called Nageuret made by a small family from Colorado? Guess what it also comes with a guarantee! Now that’s what you call a reliable diaper.

Getting the right baby diaper sizes

Babies tend to develop quickly, so does the size of their clothes. The diaper size needs to be changed accordingly to avoid discomfort. 

Our product recommendations work with most mothers as we go into the minutest details of getting the best baby diaper sizes. There is no point in buying the stuff and then discovering that it is not the right size! 

Did you know that the diapers need to be measured by the weight of the infant and not the age? Often brands try to market their diapers based on the baby’s age, but you may end up choosing the wrong baby diaper size going by the advert. 

One brand may be right for an infant up to 10 pounds, and another may fit for an 8 to 14 pounds baby. It is best to use a diaper chart to find out which one will be right for your baby.

Note: If you have bought the wrong sized diaper, it is best to donate it to a shelter where it could be utilized. 

How to ensure a diaper is not too tight on the waist or legs? Easy, put a finger between the leg and the diaper to ascertain the size. Lift it up and also check if it is two inches below the belly button. 

The red mark on the skin is yet another indicator that the size is not correct. Leakage is the most definite sign that your choice has gone wrong, and this calls for an immediate change of the diaper.

Ten best diapers – Baby Diaper Review by the Expert

Traveling becomes easy and tension-free for parents with the right kind of baby diaper. Now, which one could be the best for your needs? Read the informative baby diaper reviews to make an informed choice. 

Before we mention the best sellers, take a look at different types of diapers to understand which will be most suitable for your baby and your budget.

Look at some more factors that can help you select. These include:

Our experts have revealed what’s the best baby diaper in town!

Luvs Triple Leakguards Diapers: Night lock protection works!

When it comes to your newborn, don’t go by only what has come in the registry. You have to choose the best baby overnight diapers. Put your weight behind LUVS, which has a great price even though it is not well-known. 


  • It offers three-layered protections. 
  • It has large tabs to fit the newborn snugly. 
  • The night lock ensures that the baby sleeps through the night as promised by the makers.


  • They are thinner if you think this is a drawback. 
  • Prone to leaks due to its thin layer. 

Huggies Overnight Baby Diapers: Sleep Tight Version

We choose this best baby diaper brand, not only because of our appreciation for yet another trusted brand but also because of its popularity among parents. This is one of the earliest brands that came into the market. On the outside, there are eye-catching prints, and the inside is terrific for the baby’s soft derma.


  • No chemicals or dyes are used during production. 
  • A reasonable absorbency rate. 
  • Huggies Overnite boasts of its Leak Lock® System that provides 12 hours of protection.


  • Pampers cannot be called the best when it comes to absorbency rate. 
  • Huggies don’t have the wet indicator in smaller sizes.

Pampers Swaddlers: Go for the winner since 1961!

There is nothing like getting the best baby diaper brand that adds more panache to an already great material. Parents already love its quilt-like absorbency material, breathable outer covering, and adjustable tabs.

So, why wouldn’t you put Pampers Swaddlers in your shopping cart? Any mama will love it. It is the 1st choice for most hospitals and nurses and daycare au pairs. 


  • Does not have any fragrance, latex, dyes, or parabens or sulfates.
  • Has a quilted back sheet and an umbilical cord notch.
  • Perfect for the newborn as it has it offers complete protection to the navel part.
  • It has a wetness indicator to keep the tush dry and clean.


  • Many fraudulent brands imitate the real one.
  • Unless you order from an authorized dealer, you may get ripped off.

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers: Night lock protection works!

When it comes to your newborn, don’t go by only what has come in the quirky wrapper. To choose the best baby diaper overnight, put your weight behind a diaper that’s super absorbent, fit, and feature-rich like the Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers. a pocketed waistband to keep runny messes contained

Huggies, which comes at a great price and quality, also has a pillow-cushioned liner and pocketed waistband to stop the breach. 

It has large tabs to fit the newborn snugly. The superior night lock feature ensures that the baby sleeps through the night without giving major you overnight messes.


  • The material used for the cushiony liner has remarkable absorption capabilities. 
  • Highly accurate wet indicator that warns about your baby’s comfort.
  • The diapers are free from fragrance, lotion, paraben, and elemental chlorine.


  • The eco-friendliness of this diaper is still a debatable subject.
  • When it leaks, these diapers can become really messy.

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers

If there ever was a custom-made diaper, then this is the one. A mother can easily fold it when the infant is burping. It can be washable and dries quickly. It can easily be used as a burp cloth cum diaper.


  • It can be washed in the machine.
  • There has been no complaint of skin irritation from regular use as it’s 100% cotton.
  • As burp cloths, they can be used when feeding the baby too.


  • It is very thin, and the mother may have to pad it up a little with a heavy gauze cloth. 
  • These are generation-old diapers that are pretty bulky. 
  • It requires folding and pinning, unlike the new-age diapers.

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers: Ideal if babies with sensitive skin

In the first year, the number of diapers a baby requires is unlimited. The Seventh Generation always comes up with nature-friendly products, and so are their diapers. These diapers are not pure white! 

Yes, why do we insist on diapers to be white? In less than 12 hours, the color is gonna change for sure. Seventh Generation uses natural, toxic-free pigment to color that gives a pleasant tan color to the diapers. 

There is no perfume added, and the brand is free from parabens and latex. We give it a thumbs up as several parents find them a perfect night-time solution for their babies.


  • Plain and prints are available online easily
  • Easy on the infant’s genital area.
  • Since it’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, these diapers are ideal for a newborn who is naturally allergic to chemicals. 
  • 100% Environment-friendly


  • The diapers do not contain color-changing strips to know if the baby has urinated.
  • Seventh Generation diapers are priced on the higher side when compared to the other diapers.

Pamper Cruisers Diapers: Ideal for active babies

The competition in the diaper market is hotting up with brands popping up with new types of diapers every other day to address your baby’s concerns. The ability of any diaper product to be absorbent and skin-friendly is critical. However, to be named as the best baby diaper brand, it also has to address other sidelined issues, which Pampers Cruisers clearly achieved. That’s why it’s in our list of top 10 diapers. 

Pamper Cruisers identifies itself as a completely sag-free diaper product that gives complete protection from downward bulges that causes discomfort to your baby. With very few downward bulges, thanks to the multi-channel absorbing power of this diaper, your baby can cruise without any hiccups.


  • Best for active babies who like to “cruise around” all day. 
  • These diapers are skin-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about rashes if you extend the use for more than 12 hours. 
  • Pampers Cruisers comes at perfect-fitting sizes so that you don’t have to worry about leakages. 
  • Superior absorption power to get your baby tucked into the bed for an easy 12 hours.


  • On using it for more than 12 hours, the smell of the urine can get out and the baby may feel the discomfort if sensitive to smell.

AlvaBaby Baby Cloth diapers: Reusable and Eco-friendly

If you’d like to see all the tick marks for a diaper, then give this one a good shot. You can wash them at home. The prints are stylish and the packs are money savers.

So if you are asking what’s the best baby diaper to save money, then AlvaBaby Baby Cloth diapers pack a punch. They are soft and handy while strolling with the baby in the park.


  • The outer layer has a waterproof polyester material
  • Suede inner layer keeps the section dry as the moisture is not retained
  • The diaper has a one year guarantee


  • While stomach sleeping, the pee may leak out. 
  • Cloth-backed diapers are susceptible to shrinking when washed.

Honest Overnight Diapers - 100% Earth Safe Diapers

Honest Overnight Diapers can be an interesting choice for parents who care about the baby’s comfort above the cost. This fragrance-free, chlorine-free diaper range is 100% nature friendly and does good overnight work without any spill outs – thanks to its commendable absorption tracts.


  • Honest overnight diapers give good leak protection.
  • Chlorine & fragrance-free.
  • Comes with cute design.


  • On the expensive side.
  • Seventh Generation and Bambo Nature is better at giving overnight protection while being completely eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers

As more women care for Mother Nature, they are picking up ‘Bee’s Knees.’ The keywords that drive mothers to find these diapers are: ‘moisture wicking’ and ‘thermal regulating bamboo.’ 

With anti-bacterial qualities and being hypoallergenic, they can be the best friends with babies until they are potty trained. It’s one of the new-age diapers with the eco-friendly tag.


  • Ideal choice for infants around 13-22 lbs. 
  • For parents who are moving on to being socially responsible when it comes to child-rearing. 
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.


  • They are slightly expensive compared to other brands. And its environmental processing is debatable.

Which diaper is right from the above selection?

As a parent, you can be overwhelmed with the number of brands available in the market. But this selection of ten top diaper brands is aimed at producing some clarity in the ultimate buying process.

Before we give out some tips, let us revisit the myth we spoke about: “Are they harmful to the baby?” Many mothers exchange private notes on the use of baby products. As diapers are snugly fitted, do they affect the reproductive system of the boy infant? Do they lead to infertility or low sperm count at a late date? 

Let's blow out this myth.

There is no way the infant is going to be affected by wearing diapers of any brand. The testicles produce sperm after puberty breaks. Hence, the skin is safe, and testes are equally guarded in the scrotum. No proof or research has been conducted so far to address this issue. Now, you can heave a sigh of relief.

And now for the tips for buying and sticking to performing brands.

  1. Will you be putting the baby in the daycare or grandmother’s home while you work during the day? In such cases, disposable ones are the best as others may not like to do the dirty work. 
  2. Yes, the cost is a significant factor. How much can you afford? Maybe a mix and match of brands could do the trick.
  3. Eco-friendly. Yeah, it sounds good to be sensitive to Mother Earth while choosing the best diapers. You can be gentle by using fragrant free varieties. 
  4. Skin sensitivity is significant for all parents. Redness or rashes, allergies can be harmful. Try out one or two brands and then decide before buying in bulk. 
  5. Boy or a girl? Yes, it matters, and it has nothing to do with any harm. Boys tend to pee a lot more than girls. If it is a boy, use a thigh fitting brand.

As the infant grows, it is best to potty train-the earlier the better. You do not want your child’s carbon footprint to affect the planet. There are pros and cons to both disposable and cloth diapers. But your circumstances are likely to decide in favor of the suitable one. 

Often a famous brand may not be right as the baby does not fit in. That does not mean the brand is wrong. Maybe it is not right for the infant. A parent may have to undergo trials and tests like we have done. Perhaps out of these best-sellers, one is for your little one- and that’s the truth.