Choosing the Best Overnight Diapers Size- A Myth-Busting Guide

Choosing the Best Overnight Diapers Size- A Myth-Busting Guide

Why does an overnight diaper size matter? Regardless of the season, nights are meant for good sleep cycles for babies and parents.

We have found the best overnight diaper size 1 to number 7, which makes a difference.

We have taken into consideration many factors for buying the right brand. Our experts know those busy moms do not have time to search for information as bringing up a full-time task.

This is where we enter the nursery and help tired mommies like you. We shall explain why size matters and how comforting it is to get the right size in the right brand.

Let’s dive right away into the all-purpose guide, which is applicable in every season. We cover details that will make the ‘first-year’ pass like a gentle breeze.

Here’s a toast to retaining the peachy soft baby skin with ideal diapering solutions in town.

The size graph for newborn overnight diapers: Up to 10 lbs


As the baby grows, there are several changes taking place. The most prominent is the weight and size.

While the weight is visible, it is hard to get the size right.

Most new mothers stumble upon the changing size only when they realize that there is leakage at night. Or often when the baby is cranky, and the sleep cycle is disturbed due to frequent urination.

Sometimes the change of season is also a reason for discomfort. What’s more, it is the weight of the baby that matters, not the age. That is why a box of overnight diapers may read ‘newborns up to 10 pounds…’

Importance of selecting the best overnight diapers size

You are undecided between the best overnight diapers size 1 or best overnight diapers size 2. Which one is right? A ‘bounty’ baby differs in weight and size.

Check the graphic above to select the right one.

A diaper cannot be tried in the store or worse still while buying online; there is ‘no fitting scale’.

When mothers try out different brands, a particular one is more suitable than the rest. This issue surfaces after completion of the first year and moves in the terrible two-phase.

Checking the weight is the first step to obtaining the right fit.

Understanding various overnight diaper sizes

It is not necessary to rush to the pediatrician to check the growing baby’s weight. If you have weighed 6 months ago and found that she/he is heavier, then the size has changed.

You can move to the best overnight diapers size 3 or even the best overnight diapers size 4 depending on the bulky area around the legs.

You can even calculate the difference with weighing scales at home. To be on the safer size, buy two separate sizes of overnight diapers instead of bulk packages.

If the size is incorrect, exchange them or give them to someone else to use.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 1

If the baby weighs 8-14 lbs, then this is the right size to check out. Try one or two brands to get the fit. If the overnight diaper is too tight or leaky, look for the next size up.

A badly fit one will make the baby cry. This is a clue to check the next best size to try.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 2

Soaking frequently at night indicates that the diaper size is incorrect. Pampers and Honest brands have overnight solutions. Maybe your little one is a heavy wetter and the second size is good.

You may wish to prevent diaper rash and catch up on sleep. So, go for it and let the infant sleep through to wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 3

If your baby weighs around 16-28 pounds, this could be a perfect size. You may need about 6 to 7 per day. But keep in mind your baby is different and may need less or more than this standard figure.

Although we recommend it, you will have to try it out once. As you understand the diapering needs, it will be easy to pick the right batch.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 4

An infant weighing 22-37 pounds requires this bulky absorbent diaper size. On a standard scale, you will change about 6-7 times for the next ten months.

Keeping this measurement and requirement, you can choose from some of the best brands in business and also plan ahead with this measurement and enjoy parenthood in style.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 5

As you learn that babies come in various shapes and sizes, it can help in knowing which overnight diaper is suitable across different seasons and sleep cycles of the baby.
Age and gender are not counted as the infant grows. Did you know that in some brands, the weight and size type may overlap?

When you buy, get two different sizes and check which one the baby is comfortable using. Sleeping through uninterrupted should be a good indication to stick to any brand.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 6

When you choose this size, check for the waistband that grips just under the belly button. Try putting two fingers in between for proper positioning.

However, if there are gaps in the leg cuffs, an alternate size should be tried. Switch between brands to know which one will offer the best 12-hour protection from leakage. If there are no red marks, then it is correct.

How to Find the Best Overnight Diapers Size 7 ?

In the first year, the baby grows rapidly. That is why there will be changes in several sizes. You will know if the diaper is too big or tight when you try it on the baby.

If your two fingers do not fit into the waistband, try the next size. The diaper needs to cover the entire bum area, and if it does not, try the next size.

When to size up overnight diapers

  • Do you see distinct diaper rash marks when changing? This is the first clue to size up. 
  • While changing, is there moisture on the bum? This also calls for a change. 
  • Is she/he pulling the diaper? It causes discomfort, and it is time to move the size.
  • Newborns have delicate skin. They need super-absorbent diapers even at night. 
  • After 6 months, keeping the skin dry is a challenge. Hence changing sizes is important. 
  • Once the first year is over, changing diapers is difficult as the baby crawls. A brand that has better fasteners is most reliable. 
  • If the diaper is large, urine may leak, or the poop may come out. So, keep the size in mind. 


  1. What size do overnight diapers come in?

    Most brands offer the following standard sizes, which range from 1 to 7. Keep in mind that age does not matter but the weight of the baby. One or two brands may be tried before buying in bulk.

  2. Should I size up for overnight diapers?

    Yes, it is essential to size up if there are issues related to leakage, rashes, or poop coming out. Coming to terms with the night changes should not be difficult if the right size chart is used.

  3. How do you get a proper fit?

    If you have weighing scales at home, it will reveal the weight. Ensure that all the clothes are taken off before weighing. Then look up the chart and check which overnight diaper will have a proper fit. Then you can check which brand offers the best deals.

  4. How can I prevent leaks and blowouts?

    If the right size is selected, then this issue is ruled out. However, new others do make mistakes in getting the right size. To prevent leaks, choose a size that is bigger and fits the leg cuffs. The diaper size should not be too large to ensure that there are no blowouts,

  5. Should I stockpile different diapers?

    It is not a good idea as; a baby goes through many changes. Unless you have received different packages of diaper sizes, you can keep them and use them as and when required. If you have a baby registry, then you can add individual boxes of different sizes. The newborn needs diapers that fit up to 10 pounds in the first year.


We have provided enough authentic information on choosing the best diaper size. As we mentioned earlier, the seasons do not matter. But the sleep cycle should remain uninterrupted even for the mother.

This is the best way even to save money on disposable and overnight diapers. And you know where to get the best deals for diapers online, which can be shipped right up to the doorstep.

We hope you enjoy the motherhood without bothering about sizing up or thinking about diapering. We will always help you to get the best deals and the perfect solutions.

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